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Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges

20000.00 INR/Piece

Product Details:

  • Frequency 50-60 Hertz (HZ)
  • Color Blue
  • Product Type Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges
  • Size 155 x 68 x 27 mm
  • Usage Industrial
  • Material Stainless Steel
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Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges Price And Quantity

  • 1 Piece
  • 20000.00 INR/Piece

Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges Product Specifications

  • 50-60 Hertz (HZ)
  • Stainless Steel
  • 155 x 68 x 27 mm
  • Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges
  • Blue
  • Industrial

Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges Trade Information

  • 100 Piece Per Week
  • 7-10 Days

Product Description

Ultrasonic digital thickness gauges are instruments used for measuring the thickness of materials non-destructively. They utilize ultrasonic waves, typically in the frequency range of 0.5 MHz to 25 MHz, to penetrate the material being measured. The gauge sends out ultrasonic pulses through a transducer probe, which then reflects off the back wall or any internal interfaces within the material. By measuring the time it takes for the ultrasonic pulse to travel to the back wall and return, the gauge can calculate the thickness of the material.

Some key features and considerations for ultrasonic digital thickness gauges include:

1. Accuracy: Higher accuracy is desirable, especially for critical applications.

2. Range: The gauge should have a suitable range to measure the thickness of the intended materials.

3. Resolution: The resolution of the gauge determines the smallest increment it can measure. Higher resolution allows for more precise measurements.

4. Display: Clear and easy-to-read displays are important for user convenience.

5. Calibration: Periodic calibration is necessary to ensure accurate measurements.

6. Portability: Depending on the application, portability may be a factor. Some gauges are handheld for ease of use in various environments.

7. Data Logging: Advanced gauges may offer data logging capabilities, allowing users to store measurement data for analysis and documentation.

8. Material Compatibility: Ensure the gauge is compatible with the material being measured, as different materials have different acoustic properties.

Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauge Specifications:

1. Measurement Cycle: Single Point Measurement 6 Times/Per

2. Type: Gauge

3. Dimensions: 155 x 68 x 27 mm

4. Measuring Range: 0.75-225 mm

5. Material: Stainless Steel

6. Battery Type: Li-ion

7. Display: Digital

Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Gauges FAQ:

1. What is an ultrasonic digital thickness gauge?

Ans: An ultrasonic digital thickness gauge is a non-destructive testing instrument used to measure the thickness of materials using ultrasonic waves.

2. How does an ultrasonic thickness gauge work?

Ans: The gauge emits ultrasonic pulses through a transducer probe into the material being measured. The pulses reflect off the back wall or any internal interfaces within the material, and the gauge calculates the thickness based on the time it takes for the pulses to return.

3. What are the advantages of using ultrasonic thickness gauges?

Ans: Ultrasonic thickness gauges offer non-destructive testing capabilities, allowing for accurate measurements without damaging the material. They are also portable, versatile, and can be used on a wide range of materials.

4. What types of materials can ultrasonic thickness gauges measure?

Ans: Ultrasonic thickness gauges can measure the thickness of various materials including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, composites, and more.

5. What is the typical accuracy of ultrasonic thickness gauges?

Ans: The accuracy of ultrasonic thickness gauges can vary depending on the model and application, but they typically offer high levels of accuracy, often within fractions of a millimeter.

6. How do I calibrate an ultrasonic thickness gauge?

Ans: Ultrasonic thickness gauges should be calibrated regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Calibration involves setting the gauge to known standards of thickness to ensure accurate measurements.

7. Can ultrasonic thickness gauges measure through coatings or paint?

Ans: Yes, some ultrasonic thickness gauges are equipped with coating thickness measurement capabilities, allowing them to measure the thickness of coatings or paint layers on top of the material.

8. Are ultrasonic thickness gauges portable?

Ans: Yes, many ultrasonic thickness gauges are handheld and portable, making them suitable for use in various environments and applications.

9. Can ultrasonic thickness gauges store measurement data?

Ans: Some ultrasonic thickness gauges feature data logging capabilities, allowing users to store measurement data for later analysis and documentation.

10. What industries use ultrasonic thickness gauges?

Ans: Ultrasonic thickness gauges find applications in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, oil and gas, and more, where accurate measurement of material thickness is essential for quality control and safety.
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