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Pipeline Endoscope
Pipeline Endoscopes can be used in many complex environments. They can tolerate high temperature and detect the internal pipeline problems. The pipeline industry needs these inspection solutions for the qualitative testing of all pipes.
Coating Thickness Gauge
Coating Thickness Gauge instruments are designed to gauge the thickness of coatings on a variety of surfaces, in order to meet exacting standards. Non-destructive, these gauges accurately measure for quality control on an industrial level throughout life in the automotive industry, aerospace and manufacturing.
Non Destructive Testing Services
Non-destructive testing Services are accessible with safe and steady way of examining components. They are cost effective and make small to no disturbance to workers or to system. These testing solutions are lucrative damage enough for their anticipated application.
Thickness Gauge
The area of the depression in this Thickness Gauge range is electronically determined by detecting the shift in the frequency of an ultrasonic signal. Besides, the listed products employ the standard method operate in a unique manner.
Magnetic Particle Detector
Magnetic Particle Detectors are accessible with the innovative method of nondestructive analysis. They can detect the flaws in ferromagnetic materials and are utilized for detecting the pores as well as cracks in welds.
Air Duct Cleaning System
Air Duct Cleaning Systems clean out the accumulated dust, debris, and contaminants from central ventilation systems, and increase indoor air quality. Employing specialized equipment these systems remove pollutants and in so doing improve overall HVAC performance.
Fiber Optics Spectrometer
Fiber Optics Spectrometer tools are advanced instruments which adapt the principles of fiber optics to applications in analyzing and measuring the spectral characteristics of light. These simple-looking computers feed light in and out through optical fibers to send it precisely where it is needed.
Video Borescope
Video Borescope tools are high-tech inspection instruments that uses a small camera mounted on the end of a flexible tube to view into hard-to-access places. These instruments provide real-time video which can be used for on-the-spot inspections and diagnoses.
Wire Rope Inspection System
Wire Rope Inspection Systems are functional as functional as the safety-critical components. They are extensively suited for many industries, such as tourist cable cars, mining, industrial production, metallurgy, elevators and shipyard.
Surface Roughness Tester
The Surface Roughness Tester, in sleek black color, is designed for laboratory use. Weighing 0.4 kg and measuring 143 x 55 x 42 mm, it accurately assesses surface roughness. As a dedicated product type, it ensures precise measurements with ease, making it indispensable for quality control in various applications.
Underwater CCTV Camera
The Underwater CCTV Camera, with a range of 10 to 15 meters, features an 8 MP analog camera technology encased in durable plastic. Waterproof construction enables its usage underwater, providing clear imaging for marine exploration, underwater inspections, and surveillance in aquatic environments with reliability and precision.
Crack Depth Meter
The Crack Depth Meter 281M, constructed from stainless steel, offers precise crack measurement in industrial applications. With a measuring range of 0.2 to 100.0 mm and a maximum crack width of up to 3.5 mm, it operates at a frequency of 50-60 Hz. Its compact dimensions of 160x85x30 mm ensure versatile usage.
Pulse Velocity Tester
The Pulse Velocity Tester, boasting a polished surface finish, is vital for industrial applications. It operates automatically with a voltage of up to 600 V and a frequency range of 50-100 Hz. Powered by 2 AA batteries, its compact size of 122x65x23 mm ensures convenient portability and usage in diverse settings.
Duct Inspection Robot
The Duct Inspection Robot features a 7-inch display, ideal for monitoring. Operating at 12 V, it maneuvers on rubber wheels for stability. Equipped with an HD 1080P camera with 4X zoom, it ensures detailed inspections. With a cable length of 30 meters, extendable up to 100 meters, it offers versatile exploration capabilities.
Handheld Xrf Metal Alloy Analyzers
Handheld XRF Metal Alloy Analyzers feature a 5-inch color touch screen display for intuitive operation. With a working spectral range of 177-380 nm and a pulsed DPSS laser emitting at 1064 nm, they offer precise analysis. Boasting 32 GB memory, they measure points with a size as small as 50 microns.
IPSM UTD Pulse Velocity Tester
The IPSM UTD Pulse Velocity Tester, featuring a polished surface finish, is essential for industrial applications. It operates automatically with a voltage up to 600 V and a frequency of 50-100 Hz. Powered by 2 AA batteries, its compact size of 122x65x23 mm ensures convenient portability and usage in various industrial settings.
Analog Pipe Receiver
The Analog Pipe Receiver, constructed from selected plastic, is vital in industrial usage. Packaged in a box, it bears the model number PRO-WPS-VT-512R. With an analog display type, it functions as an FM locator, with the transmitter emitting a 512 Hz frequency for locating defective pipes accurately.
Pipe Inspection Locator
The Pipe Inspection Locator, in sleek black color and crafted from mild steel, serves industrial purposes. Weighing 810 grams, its dimensions measure 512 x 110 x 118 mm. This precision instrument ensures accurate pipe inspections, offering reliability and efficiency in various industrial settings.
Magnetic Eddy Current Flaw Detector
The Magnetic Eddy Current Flaw Detector is utilized in industrial settings with Eddy Current Dynamometers. Detectable fracture depths range from 0.3 to 5 mm, with a minimum detectable fracture length of 10 mm and minimal fracture opening of 0.05 mm. Sensor dimensions measure 25 x 25 x 60 mm.
Positive Material Identification
Positive Material Identification, essential in refineries, utilizes black-colored equipment, sorting metal materials. Operating at 50-60 Hz frequency, it guarantees accurate identification in laboratory settings. This process plays a critical role in verifying metal components' composition, enhancing quality control and safety standards in various industrial applications.
Remote Visual Inspection Services
Remote Visual Inspection Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, offer industrial inspections utilizing borescopes. Employing specific instrumentation, reports are provided in soft or hard copy formats. These comprehensive services, lasting 1-3 days, guarantee thorough assessments, enabling efficient maintenance and quality assurance in varied industrial sectors.
Liquid Penetrant Testing Services
Liquid Penetrant Testing Services for oil and gas piping, involving metal materials, are conducted offline. These services focus on chemical parameters, ensuring thorough inspections. Employing liquid penetrant testing techniques, they enhance safety and reliability in critical industrial applications, providing comprehensive assessments and reports tailored to clients' needs.
Magnetic Particle Inspection Services
Offering Direct Magnetization Services for industrial usages, Magnetic Particle Inspection Services detect production discontinuities efficiently. Utilizing particular instrumentation, these services offer thorough assessments tailored to industrial requirements. Reports are available in hard or soft copy formats, guaranteeing comprehensive documentation and facilitating maintenance and quality control processes effectively.
Digital Hardness Testing Services
Digital Hardness Testing Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, assess aluminum cylinder blocks using portable hardness testers. Duration typically spans 1-3 days, ensuring thorough evaluations in heat treatment units. These services cater to industrial needs, providing precise hardness measurements for quality control and maintenance purposes, optimizing operational efficiency and reliability.
Infrared Thermography Services
Infrared Thermography Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, cater to military applications, specializing in leakage testing. Service completion typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours, offering rapid and efficient assessments. Reports are available in soft or hard copy formats, providing detailed insights into thermal anomalies, enhancing safety and security measures.
Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Services
Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, provide accurate assessments of steel thickness in field conditions. Duration typically spans 1-3 days, ensuring meticulous evaluations within a temperature range of -20 to 250 degrees Celsius. With an accuracy of 0.1%, these services facilitate maintenance and safety protocols effectively.

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